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Prospective Students

An engineering degree from the University of Kansas is your key to a successful future.  Engineers are in high demand, and are in position to earn top dollar for their skills upon graduation  In a 2010 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a leading source of information about the employment of college graduates for more than 50 years, the top five starting salaries for college graduates earning a bachelor’s degree were all in the field of engineering, all in programs offered at the KU School of Engineering.  It's a great time to be a Jayhawk -- and an even better time to be a Jayhawk engineer.

Undergraduate Programs

Why Choose KU?

From outstanding academic programs, support, scholarships and research opportunities to a picturesque campus in a great town, see what makes KU and the School of Engineering the right fit for you.

Getting In

Deadlines, details and requirements for admission to the School of Engineering.


A variety of financial incentives are available to entering freshman, continuing undergraduates and transfer students.  Find details on what's available and how to apply.

SELF Program

This program is designed to provide tomorrow's industry leaders with excellent training and unique skills to exceed in the engineering industry.  A select group of outstanding students will qualify for this special program -- and the substantial financial award that accompanies it.  Find information on basic requirements to apply and the attributes expected of each candidate.

Events and Camps

Numerous opportunities exist throughout the year for junior high and high school students to get a more personal and detailed experience at the KU School of Engineering.

Multicultural and Women’s Resources

Under the guidance of the Office of Diversity and Women’s Engineering Programs, minority and female engineering students receive leadership, training and involvement opportunities, academic support, access to outreach programs and connections with prospective employers.

Visit Us

Find out about visits to campus coordinated by the KU admissions office, or schedule a special time to see the School of Engineering.

Apply Now

Specifics for incoming freshmen, transfer students and adults to get into KU.

After Admission

Tips and suggestions for ensuring it a smooth transition into the KU School of Engineering, as well as information on clubs and organizations, adjusting to campus life and broadening horizons once a student arrives on campus.

Graduate Programs

Why Choose KU?

See what makes KU a great fit for  your graduate education. Learn about outstanding academic and research programs, why current students chose KU, what alumni with graduate degrees are doing now and how KU helped them to achieve their goals, and the great resources offered to graduate students.


A variety of scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships are available to graduate students through the School of Engineering and KU.

Research Opportunities

Engineering research programs have a long and successful record of research collaboration promoted through independent and NSF multidisciplinary research centers that focus on common themes.


Information and links on the application process.

Fast Track Program

Exceptional students may have the chance to begin pursuit of a graduate degree on the Ph.D. track. Find out more, including details on eligibility for the prestigious SELF Graduate Fellowship.


Answers to key questions about the KU School of Engineering graduate program.

Visit Us

Find out about visits to campus coordinated by the KU Self Graduate Fellowship Office, an engineering graduate program or schedule a special time to see the School of Engineering.