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KU Scholarships

The KU School of Engineering has generous scholarships for talented high school seniors who apply to the School of Engineering by Nov. 1, 2014. Many of these scholarships can be added to the University's awards as well as to scholarships from School of Engineering departments. Learn about all the opportunities within the KU School of Engineering on our scholarships page for prospective students.

Aerospace engineering

What do they do?

Aerospace engineers design, develop and test aircraft, spacecraft and missiles and supervise the manufacture of these products. Aerospace engineers also use aerospace technology in remote sensing product-oriented fields, including wind energy and automotive industries.

Where do they work?

  • Aircraft, guided missile and space vehicle industries
  • National research laboratories
  • Commercial airlines
  • Federal government agencies
  • Wind energy industry
  • Automotive industry

What are they paid?

Bachelor's degree candidates have an average starting salary range between $54,600 and $81,900.

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